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Plast80 has been working in the plastic material industry for more than 20 years, its core business is rapresented by the regeneration of waste plastic material in particular PVC, rigid and expanded, ABS and PS, suitable to technical articles extrusion and moulding injection, by the trading of first quality technopolymers and by the compounding for other companies of polymers like ABS, PS, PC, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PC/ABS and so on.

During the last years, the expansion policy set up by the company Direction has signed the expansion of the variety of product produced to the Polycarbonate, a tecnopolymer with high prospect of growth.

Plast80 is a customer and market oriented company with a particular attention to the production processes, to its product quality and to the quality of the services it offers to its clients. This attention has lead the Direction to obtained, first in the italian plastic industry, the ISO 9001:2000 certyfication since the first 90s.

The customer care Plast80 shows to its client has lead to the introduction of a up-to-date laboratory for the material analysis, which is certyficated by the ISO 9001:2000 too.


  PLAST 80 S.r.L.
Via Salvo d'Acquisto n.7
21054 Fagnano Olona (VA)
Tel.: 0331 68 55 18 Fax: 0331 68 62 40
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