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The competitive advantage owned by Plast80 is rapresented by the costant quality of its products, processes and services.

In the plastic scabs industry, infact, the technical caratheristics of the final products are a function of the quality of the material the company buys from its suppliers and a function of its ability to mix them in order to obtain products that respect the conditions imposed by customers.

Plast80 has under its controll both these aspects and it is able to offer to its customers the possibility to ask and obtain the material they are looking for with all the caratheristics they need.

So that the product technicalities are not imposed by Plast80, but by the customer. It then up to Plast80 to mantain its promises.

Every delivery will be accompanied by a technical sheet which states the quality of the product Plast80 has produced.


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21054 Fagnano Olona (VA)
Tel.: 0331 68 55 18 Fax: 0331 68 62 40
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